New Requirements to Text with 10DLC: The Campaign Registry

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There are new industry standards that require Beetexting to register your text message usage with The Campaign Registry, a registry formed by wireless carriers to provide a reliable experience for businesses and consumers.  


The evolution of business texting continues. Mobile Network Operators, or wireless carriers, have grouped together to form what is called The Campaign Registry. The Campaign Registry was put together in response to consumers’ concerns that the number of unwanted messages through local phone numbers (10DLC) was increasing. The carriers wanted to create a centralized registry to track campaigns and usage of 10DLC numbers as opposed to each carrier managing a business number or campaign separately. In theory, this will allow for a more reliable network that you can depend on to deliver your messages. Your business should be aware of what’s going on in the texting landscape if you wish to use it, but we here at Beetexting are here to assist and guide you through these key changes.  

What do you need to do? 

Beetexting is your link to the Campaign Registry. As your texting service provider, we will handle getting you registered you with The Campaign Registry as a brand (a single company). In order to get you registered, we will need to gather some information about your company and understand exactly how you plan on text messaging with you customers. We will discuss your use case and register your company with The Campaign Registry upon signup for Beetexting. 

Info we’ll need 

  • Your text messaging use cases 
  • Over the next 3 months, how are you going to communicate with people using text messaging? 
  • Company information 
  • Legal Company Name 
  • DBA or Brand Name (if different from legal name) 
  • Country of Registration 
  • What type of legal form is the organization? 
  • Tax Number/ID/EIN 
  • Address 
  • Website 
  • Stock Symbol* (if a publicly traded company)  
  • Stock Exchange 
  • Vertical Type 
  • Contact Information: Email 
  • Contact Information: Phone 

Note: It’s Important to Provide the Correct Business and Campaign Information to avoid undelivered messages or penalties.  

Correct Info is Important

Let’s define “incorrect campaign information”. There are two aspects to registering your campaigns: your company information and your use case, or how you plan to use text messaging.  

  1. Incorrect Company Information or Usage 
  2. If you provide company information that is incorrect or you provide the correct information but then send messages on behalf of a non-registered company, you can face issues with deliverability or receive fines. More specifically, you could have your number blocked, have your messages blocked by wireless carriers or face up to $10 per message fines.  
  3. Incorrect Use Case Information or Usage 
  4. During signup, we will ask how you plan to use text messaging. Are you planning on sending 50K+ promotional messages a month? Or maybe you plan on texting to confirm appointments and send reminders? You can do a broad combination of things if you’d like! Whatever you are looking to do, we can make it happen, but you have to let us know so that we can make sure that your use case falls within your registration. We can add new use cases for you whenever you’d like, but you can only modify an existing use case every 3 months. You can receive the same penalties (blocked number, blocked message, per message fines) mentioned before by sending more messages than expected or by using text messaging for some other function that you didn’t disclose.   

In summary, providing incorrect information for the company using texting or not disclosing all of your use cases can lead to a blocked number, messages not delivering or penalties for messages that you send.  

Additional Fees 

In order for any business to utilize 10DLC text messaging, they must be registered within The Campaign Registry. There are some fees associated with that but don’t worry, Beetexting is going to take care of your registration and campaign fees. Your business will be responsible for any penalty charges that you incur for improper text usage or improper information. Those charges would be applied to your next bill.  


We require all companies to register, so we will work with you to make sure to gather all of the relevant information. The key is to communicate any changes with us after signing up. The Customer Success team will be in touch with you regularly to check on any upcoming changes. We are your texting experts and we’ve got your back to make sure you stay in good standing. If you have any questions, reach out to our support line at (309) 605-0723.