Get your RingCental Account Ready – Setup Requirements

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Supercharge the SMS capabilities of your RingCentral phone numbers with Beetexting. We’ll cover the basic requirements for setting up your account, activating or managing your RingCentral phone numbers within Beetexting, and managing the users that have access to your Beetexting account. If you need additional help, you can always text our Customer Support team at (309)393-2026.  

Requirements to Create a Beetexting Account and Logging In 

  1. As a RingCentral user, you will always use the Log In or Sign Up with RingCentral Option.
  2. In order to Create a Beetexting account that is integrated with your RingCentral Account, you must have an MVP Licensed RingCentral Account.
  3. Your Beetexting account will be directly tied to your RingCentral account.
    •  Every time you log in to Beetexting, you will use your current RingCentral credentials.
    • If you cannot log in to your RingCentral account, you will not be able to log into Beetexting.

Requirements to Activate & Manage your RingCentral phone numbers in Beetexting 

  1. Beetexting allows you to activate your RingCentral phone numbers for additional SMS functionality. In order to Activate or Manage your RingCentral phone numbers within Beetexting, you must be assigned to that number within RingCentral. 
    1. Company Numbers – You must be a member of that Company Number’s team 
    2. Direct Line – You must be assigned to that direct line 
    3. NOTE: Users that are not directly assigned to the number in RingCentral can be still be given access to that number within Beetexting, but they will not have admin level permissions over that particular phone number
  2. In order for any number to be activated within Beetexting, the number must be text enabled within RingCentral. If you cannot text with your RingCentral number, start here: Unable to Send SMS (
  3. Instructions to Activate and Manage your Numbers

Requirements to Add & Manage Users on Beetexting 

  1. You have the ability to invite teammates on your RingCentral account to join you on Beetexting 
  2. Currently, you are only allowed to invite users that are active currently on your RingCentral account 
  3. Current RingCentral users will be available to invite within the Users section of Beetexting 
  4. If a user is not assigned to a phone number within RingCentral, they cannot activate it within Beetexting. However, you can still grant Beetexting access to that number as long as the number is assigned to you within RingCentral
  5. If a user is removed from RingCentral, they will no longer have access to Beetexting 
  6. Instructions to Add and Manage your Teammates