Business Text Messaging App

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About Beetexting


A business SMS software with shared inboxes allows teams to work together to serve customers and connect with prospects via text.

Beetexting even allows for MMS (documents, images, and videos via text). With shared inboxes, you can invite teammates and assign them to various numbers. You can text enable individual lines or set up department lines and assign the whole team to them.

Maybe your company has a mainline for sales or general inquires that you want your office manager and sales team assigned to. No problem! On Beetexting, you can quickly add or remove users from any phone number.

A shared inbox means that anyone assigned to that particular phone number can see all the messages on that line. They can also collaborate to make sure nothing gets missed.

Users can claim conversations to let their teammates know they’ve got it or even transfer it to a specific teammate! There are many more powerful features for teams on Beetexting!