Attachment and MMS Limitations with your RingCentral Integrated Account

2 min read

Text messaging has not always been a great way to send attachments due to technical limitations on file size and file types. We’ve done our best to improve your capability to send attachments via text by delivering a link to access the uploaded file, instead of delivering the file itself. If your attachment falls within the MMS criteria, we’ll deliver it as an MMS. If the file size is too large or the file type is not accepted, the file will be hosted on an AWS server, and an S3 link will be created, which will then be sent via text instead of the file itself. Here is a breakdown of how this operates:

  • 10DLC or Local Numbers
    • Files under 500KB will be sent directly as an MMS
    • Files between the sizes of 500KB and 500MB will be sent via an S3 link
    • Files over 500MB cannot be sent via Beetexting
  • Toll-Free Numbers
    • Files cannot be sent directly as an MMS
    • Files under 500MB will be sent as an S3 Link
    • Files over 500MB cannot be sent via Beetexting
  • File Types – If they can be sent or received via MMS or S3 Link
    • GIF – Send & Receive
    • MP4 – Send & Receive
    • TXT – Send & Receive
    • PDF – Send & Receive
    • DOC – Send & Receive
    • Excel – Send & Receive
    • HTML – Send & Receive
    • JPEG – Send & Receive
    • PNG – Send & Receive
    • MP3 – Send & Receive
    • MOV – Send Only
    • 3Gp – Send Only
    • AVI- Send Only
    • WMV- Send Only
    • AIFF- Send Only
    • FLV- Send Only
    • M4V- Send Only
    • OGV- Send Only
    • MKV – Cannot send or receive

If you do not see a file type listed, it is most likely not supported, but please reach out to Sales or Support to confirm the support of your file type.