Understanding Analytics

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Getting more from Beetexting with Analytics

Beetexting offers several metrics to help track the number of messages being sent, which tools or features are being used, or how many unique contacts are being made.

What's the Buzz? Understanding the Analytics offered with Beetexting

Beetexting's Analytics page offers the following metrics:

    • Messages Sent - Total Number of Messages Sent
    • Messages Sent by Agent - Number of Messages sent by Agent
    • Messages Received - Total Number of Messages Received
    • Message Reply Rate - Rate of Inbound Messages (a Reply) Received after an Outbound Message is sent
    • Broadcasts Sent - Total Number of Broadcasts sent using Broadcast Feature
    • Messages sent Via Broadcast - Total Number of individual messages sent via Broadcast
    • Messages Scheduled - Total Number of Messages successfully scheduled
    • Scheduled Messages Sent - Total Number of Scheduled Messages successfully sent to a Contact
    • Unresolved Threads - Total Number of Unresolved Threads
    • Resolved Threads - Total Number of Resolved Threads
    • Unclaimed Threads - Total Number of Unclaimed Threads
    • Claimed Threads - Total Number of Claimed Threads
    • % of resolved threads - Percentage of Resolved Threads  within the total number of Threads
    • % of claimed threads - Percentage of Claimed Threads within the total number of Threads
    • Total contacts - Number of Unique Contacts created
    • Total Templates - Number of Templates created
    • Total Auto responses - Number of Automations using the "time is" condition