The BuzzCast, Episode 2

SMS Opt-In Consent Manager

Hear from Mike Somers COO and Alex Short, Head of Product for Beetexting discuss TCR, compliant business texting, and demo the first auto-consent management to exist for business texting.

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Webinar: SMS Opt-in Consent Management

SMS Opt In Consent Management Solution by Beetexting is the only TCR compliant consent management system for business texting.

The Campaign Registry (TCR) manages the new telecommunications industry SMS protocol, 10DLC. In order to remain compliant, 10DLC mandates companies track their SMS contacts by three levels of SMS consent; 1.) conversational, 2.) informational, and 3.) promotional.

Staying compliant means tracking and maintaining which contacts are currently opted in to which level of consent and only delivering messages types that comply with each level of consent.

Non-compliance can lead to your company getting suspended from being allowed to text with contacts and getting fined up to $1,000 per SMS.

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