Messaging Costs & Industry Fees

Messaging Costs

Messaging costs are not included in your monthly subscription and will be billed separately. The cost will fluctuate each month depending on your usage. Costs are determined by the type of message you are sending (SMS or MMS) and the length of your message (segments).

What's a segment?

Phone carriers measure text messages in character batches called segments. Each segment includes up to 160 characters. If your message is longer than 160 characters then you will be charged for a second batch of characters and so on. MMS segments are billed differently depending on the size of your image/video. Learn more about segments

What's SMS vs. MMS?


Messages with text and/or links.

SMS cost: $ .0199 per segment


Messages with images, GIFs, and/or video.

MMS cost: $ .0399 per segment

Industry Fees

The Campaign Registry

There are new industry standards that require Beetexting to register your text message usage with The Campaign Registry, a registry formed by wireless carriers to provide a reliable experience for businesses and consumers.

The Campaign Registry was put together in response to consumersโ€™ concerns that the number of unwanted messages through local phone numbers (10DLC) was increasing. The carriers wanted to create a centralized registry to track campaigns and usage of 10DLC numbers as opposed to each carrier managing a business number or campaign separately.

Brand Registration Fees

Price: $0

Beetexting covers the brand registration cost for all accounts with less than 50 phone numbers.


Campaign Fees

Price: $15/month per campaign

Each phone number must be associated with a campaign. Multiple phone numbers can be associated with the same campaign if they have similar use cases.


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