How to Cancel your Beetexting Account

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If you are looking to cancel your Beetexting account subscription, it's easy! Just reach out to our support team by texting (309) 605-0723 or emailing and let us know you'd like to cancel. Include the name of your organization within the request.

If canceling via text message, make sure it is from the number used to create the account.

If canceling via email, make sure to use the email you used to create the account.

We LOVE customer feedback! If you'd like to share why Beetexting didn't fit your needs or whatever you think could be improved, we would greatly appreciate it <3

Canceling your account is a multi-step process on our end, which is why we currently don't have "self-serve" cancelation within your account at the moment. When canceling your account, the phone number that you text enabled or created during account creation will be released. In the case of a newly created number, you will not be able to recover that number upon cancelation. So make sure you are 100% ready to cancel before doing so.