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We understand you'd like to cancel your account.

We're so sorry to hear that Beetexting isn't working for you. Before you cancel we'd love a chance to talk to you and help resolve your frustrations.

Do you need technical or financial support?

Customer support team

Did you know we have an excellent customer support team? It's one of the first things our customers rave about. Our team is eager to work together with you to resolve your frustrations. You can text support directly at this number: 309-605-9424

Financial support

We're committed to helping businesses and organizations have better conversations with their customers and leads. If pricing is your main reason for canceling we'd like to talk with you about any discounted pricing we can offer. Please reach out to support to discuss: 309-605-9424

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How to Cancel Your Account

While we wish you would stay, we've made canceling your Beetexting account simple.


Complete the cancellation form on this page using the same email address you used to create your Beetexting account.

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Receive an email from us within 24 hours of submitting the cancellation form.


Reply to the email double-confirming you'd like to cancel your account.

Why the email? Once you delete your Beetexting account you lose the data on that account, so we like to double-confirm you want to delete your account before moving forward.

Cancellation Form

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Beetexting works on desktop, mobile and tablet; wherever your team needs it.

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