Messaging Costs & Industry Fees for Partner Signups

No Messaging and Phone Number Fees

When you sign up for Beetexting with your RingCentral, AT&T Office@Hand, RingCentral Verizon for Business, or one of our other partners, your messaging and phone numbers continue to be billed thru them in the way you're used to.

Beetexting allows you to pull in any numbers you'd like from your existing provider's account and use them inside of our app.  We only charge you for user licenses.  Your messaging usage and phone number fees will continue to be on your bill from your existing provider.

No Industry Fees

The Campaign Registry

There are new industry standards that require your existing provider to register your text message usage with The Campaign Registry, a registry formed by wireless carriers to provide a reliable experience for businesses and consumers.  All fees associated with TCR will show up on your bill from your existing provider.

Other Industry Fees

Mobile Network Operators have fee schedules for delivering business texts to consumers phones.  These fees and any telecommunication taxes that may apply will be show up on your bill from your existing provider as normal.


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